Vindhya Organics Pvt Ltd


  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Stainless steel reactors with total reactor volume of 195.6 Kilo Liters (Capacities ranging from 600 Lt to 12500 Lt).
  • Glass lined reactors with total reactor volume of 46.66 Kilo Liters (Capacities ranging from 63 Lt to 6200 Lt).
  • Temperature range: From -20°C to 200° C.
  • High vacuum distillation (Up to 1.5 Torr).

Quality Control

Liquid and Gas Chromatograph with Auto sampler attachment to estimate organic volatile /toxic solvents to meet ICH guide lines.


Major instruments in Lab:

Name of the Instrument Make & Model Nos
HPLC Agilent Technologies
(1200 infinity series)
GC Agilent Technologies 03

Other Instruments:

Name of the Instrument Nos
UV/Visible spectrophotometer (schimadzu UV-1800) 01
Analytical Balance (Semi Micro-01Nos + Analytical-01Nos) 02
Digital Conductivity/TDS- 01Nos + pH Meters – 02Nos 03
Melting point Apparatus 01
KF Apparatus 01
Hydrometer 02
FT-IR (Perkin elmer) (Spectrum-2 software) 01
Sonicator 01