SV Lanbs

The manufacturing facility of SV Labs has a fully self-reliant Quality Control departments with sophisticated equipment such as HPLCs, GCs, *FTIR* and UV spectrometers etc among others to ensure complete conformity to stringent quality standards. SV Labs has a fully integrated manufacturing and quality control system to monitor operations round the clock.

Technical Infrastructure

  • Stainless Steel reactors with total reactor volume of 111.9 Kilo Liters (capacities ranging from 1000 Lt to 8000 Lt)
  • Glass lined reactors with total reactor volume of 90.33 Kilo Liters (capacities ranging from 630 Lt to 16000 Lt)
  • Temperature range: from – 50oC to 300oC
  • Pressure range: Up to 40 Kg/cm3
  • High vacuum distillation (Up to 1.5 Torr)

Environmental Care

All the aqueous effluents are treated in-house *Zero Liquid Discharge System* and evaporated within the premises and the solid waste is being sent to *RAMKY* Solid Waste Disposal Unit.


Physcial Infrastructure

  • Land – 24281.13 Sq. meters
  • Built-up Area – 11194.90 Sq. meters Green Belt – 8274.30 Sq. metersManufacturing Capacities (per annum) Intermediates /API 126.00 MT