The manufacturing facility of Vindhya has a fully self-reliant Quality Control departments with sophisticated equipment such as HPLCs, GCs, and UV spectrometers etc among others to ensure complete conformity to stringent quality standards. Vindhya has a fully integrated manufacturing and quality control system to monitor operations round the clock.

Technical Infrastructure

  • Stainless Steel reactors with total reactor volume of 32 Kilo Liters (capacities ranging from 500 Lt to 5000 Lt)
  • Glass lined reactors with total reactor volume of 11 Kilo Liters (capacities ranging from 165 Lt to 5000 Lt)
  • Temperature range: from – 70oC to 300oC
  • Pressure range: Up to 40 Kg/cm3
  • High vacuum distillation (Up to 1.5 Torr)

Environmental Care

All the aqueous effluents are treated in-house/JETL (Jeedimetla Effluent Treatment ltd) and evaporated within the premises and the solid waste is being sent to RAMKI SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL Unit.



Vindhya has wide range of reaction capabilities like

Alkyl Lithium Reactions Condensation Reactions Azide Reactions
Modified Borohydride reductions Stereo Selective Synthesis Halogenations
Friedel-Crafts Reactions Grignard Reactions Hydrogenation
Chiral Separations Alkylations Oxidations
Vitride reactions Metal Hydride Reductions

Physcial Infrastructure

  • Land – 2508 sq. metres
  • Built-up Area – 947 sq. metres
  • Excellent Support Services
  • API – Multi Product, Versatile Facility, Upgraded to meet all StandardsManufacturing Capacities (per annum)
Intermediates /API 30,000 kg